Skin Harmony Estriol Face Serum
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Introducing Skin

Revitalize aging skin.
Complex next generation formula

•Reduce wrinkle appearance
•Improve skin firmness
•Enhance youthful glow

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Skin Harmony was formulated to help women reduce wrinkle appearance and improve skin firmness while enhancing their youthful glow. Formulated with moisture boosting Hyaluronic Acid, skin-loving essentials oils in a silky smooth hydrating Rose Water and Aloe Vera base. Skin Harmony Face Serum contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, Vitamin C, E, and Estriol to improve the health of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate helps plump the skin, improving its texture. Powerhouse Ceramosides have Clinical Studies demonstrating that with continued use, skin shows improvement in texture, hydration and firmness. Also included in the formula: Natural, gentle exfoliators like Sugar Cane and Maple Sugar extracts to enhance skins healthy glow.

All of this in one low-cost serum!


With clinically tested ingredients

Skin Harmony Face Serum with Estriol contains ingredients specifically targeted to a woman's aging skin. Ceramosides and DMAE to firm and tone the skin. Antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, and CoQ10 were added to protect the skin and Vitamin A to address texture and wrinkles.


With: Estriol • Hyaluronic Acid • Alpha Lipoic Acid • Ceramosides • Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate • Vitamin C • CoQ10 • DMAE • Skin Nourishing Essential Oils

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Ceramosides Clinicals


Clinical Study 1
0.2% of Ceramosides HP vs Placebo. 28 days of treatment; Double blind test; 2 applications daily on face; 53 Caucasian volunteers with dull complexion & sagging skin. Participants showed a noticeable improvement in self-esteem after 28 days expressing feelings of joy, increased calm and reduced feelings of sadness and nervousness compared to the
placebo group.

Clinical Study 2
Third party evaluations of participants revealed improved skin texture (more consistent) and improved skin color (more uniform) than placebo group. Experienced judges rated the skin quality as improved complexion (clearer), fresher, more homogenous and more matte in appearance. Participants said skin is visibly more: (self evaluations)
RADIANT for 70% of women
FIRM for 74% of women
TONE for 78% of women

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Skin Harmony Works

Estrogen depletion has been associated with accelerating aging skin. Skin Harmony Estriol Face Serum is a complex skincare solution uniquely formulated to fight aging skin and restore a more youthful appearance.

Easy to Use

Apply 1 to 2 pumps of serum to the face and neck in an upward motion, once or twice a day. Apply to clean, dry skin, and follow with moisturizer. For day time or night time use.


Skin Harmony Estriol Face Serum
1.7 Fl Oz    $49.99